Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wait and worry

If I have been a bit more distant on my blog. I must apologise. I am quite overwhelmed with concerns about my mum. A few weeks back, it was my dad’s health that had me worried, now it’s mum’s. It appears that the breast cancer has returned (this time, in her left breast). She is scheduled to be operated on but this is conditional to the test results of another health concern... Her lungs. She’s been coughing like mad for months, and that’s a worry. She went to have some sort of procedure yesterday (a gastro-endoscopy, I think) and we have to wait for a week to get the results. So you will please excuse me if I am quite despondent and not blogging as much as I normally do, or if the content of my posts are vacuous and void of any intelligible content.


  1. No words, just gentle hugs...

  2. Oh I feel for both you and your Mum - what a worry. Let's hope everything turns out good!


  3. Thank Rory. We should get the test results this upcoming Tuesday. I’m sorry I’ve gone MIA on your blog... I’m a bit of a basketcase at the moment. Worried sick about my mum, and yesterday marked the one year passing of our beloved cat, Xena, so I’m on an emotional rollercoaster. :(



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