Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tarting up the blog

By now, I take it that you, my dear faithful blog readers, have noticed that I’ve been going stir-crazy rearranging the look of my blog. I guess that’s what one does when one is worried sick over a loved ones health issues. I think I’m also falling into hibernation mode due to all the cold weather we’ve been getting. I feel pretty lethargic, despondent, and my face looks very drawn and tired. Since my blog was starting to look like my face, I figured I may as well give it a facelift (Lord know I need one! LOL!) So there it is! I’m still not 100% happy with the look of it, so I might tweak it a bit more as I go along. Hmmm... I wonder if that’s how plastic surgery addicts start off. **SHIVER**

As for my other blog, The Tree Oracle, I’ve also given that one a bit of a makeover. I’m thinking
about doing a massive operation on that one and expand it to include other kind of divinatory systems, such as runes, tarot, kumalak and the likes. Some of the stuff I’ve studied is quite esoteric and unheard of... It might peak some interest. Perhaps that’s why the poor journal has fallen by the wayside. Not enough material to grab people’s attention.


  1. I look forward to seeing your new divination blog if you decide to do one! Speaking of which, if you ever want a junk oracle reading, give me a holler.

  2. I haven’t forgotten our deal... I’m still rummaging around for junk and natural tidbits. Wanted to recoup some of the chicken bones from last nights soup, but I nuked them for so long that the durn things were like rubber! LOL!

  3. I'm still working on my "earth oracle" made of natural items like shells, stones, nuts, seeds, etc. While the junk oracle (toys and odds and ends) seems to be fairly easy to read intuitively, I think the earth oracle will take some time to connect with the pieces well.

  4. For me, it’s the other way around. I find it easy to add and connect to the earth oracle, but I’m short on trinkets when it comes to the flotsam and jetsam one.

  5. Cold is an understatement! I was freezing last night - it was like Scotland - I had bedrobe's, coats and curtains piled up on top of the Doona. I wouldn't even get up for a pee it was so cold (too much information eh?).

    Guess what my next book is going to be about? The Ethics of Tarot reading. So many books on the symbols, interpretations etc yet very few explore the ethics or lend them enough weight. Watch this space as it's only a few months away at most (maybe even sooner if the nights get warmer) :)

  6. LMAO! Yeah! The cold is excellent for teaching a “wee” bladder to distend (pun intended!) ;)

    OMG! Don’t get me started on Tarot ethics! I could write up a laundry list of all the faux-pas most readers do. I’ve been on both end, reader and querent, and when I was doing readings, my prime directives were; no dramatics, be tactful and always use discretion. Many readers are epic fails in those department!

    Looking forward to that book too! :D)


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