Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hubby and I were relaxing and watching t.v. together. I turned to him and asked; “where the hell are the girls?” “Dunno”, he replied. After our movie was finished, I headed off to our bedroom, turned on the light, and...

Surprise! We’re snug as bugs in a rug!


  1. I proper "AWWWWW"ed just then. Oh my goodness.

  2. That was such a great decision you and D made to get two kittens instead of just one. That picture is proof!

  3. @ Carrie
    The epitome of cuteness, hey? And in the pic, they had moved... When I cam in, they were both sound asleep, and Angel had her head snuggled up behind Mia’s in a bearhug fashion. :)

    @ Bev
    Yes... We are SOOOO glad we got two cats this time around. They truly love each other, even though some of their play-fights look grim. Cats will be cats, and they DO play rough! I simply step in when it escalates too much... Kinda like human kids, I guess. :)


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