Monday, June 06, 2011


Hilarious, but at almost 42, I still think mine looks good. I didn’t do it to be cool, though... No peer pressure! Mine was a personal, fully aware decision. :)

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  1. Too funny! Here in the US a lot of the young girls get the back tattoos, and so they call them "tramp stamps." I've never gotten one because I can't imagine a design that I would like now that I would still like ten years from now. R has a nice sun/moon (sort of yin/yang) one that looks good. I think I would rather have my daughter get one on her back than on her stomach though; I've seen what pregnancy can do to those and it's not pretty!

  2. I guess I should say that the "tramp stamp" name came not because of the tattoo itself, but because of the suggestive words the young girls used in the design. Can you imagine sporting one that said "Hot and Heavy" when you're 85?! It would take on a whole new meaning... :)

  3. ROTFLMAO! Tattoo turned advertisement for menopause and weight gain.


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