Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The girls are growing up

Is it morning yet?
I love posing for the camera.

Both of our little furry-babies have reached 6 months of age, and their personalities are starting to come through. Mia is settling down and she’s mostly a very well behaved cat, except when she goes through the dawn and dusk crazies. She’s stopped being so destructive around the house but occasionally slips up and tugs at some carpet or other forbidden item. She’s a very sweet natured and sensitive cat and usually,
a stern word is all that is needed to stop her dead in her tracks. She’s also a bit of a boofhead (unwary of dangers). If she was an outdoor cat, I don’t think she’d survive.

Who’s Charlie Chaplin?
Wazzat? Wazzat?

Angel is smart, funny and very inquisitive. She’s also a very easy cat to live with, save for the kitten crazies, but they’ll eventually both outgrow this. She appears to be more bonded to me than my husband, but occasionally, she’ll switch poles and give me the cold shoulder (usually if I’ve ignored her for too long.) She’s much more vocal than Mia, but her voice is so tiny and high pitch that it often gets unnoticed. Mind you, the other day, she decided to let the neighbourhood know that she disapproved of hubby going back to work. She sat downstairs, by the garage door, and bellowed for several minutes, and boy does her high frequency carry!

But mum... You know I’m shy!
They both seem to have established a routine in regards to “who” and “when” they want attention. Mia is an evening cat, and she’ll cuddle with us on the couch while we watch t.v. Angel is more of a morning cat, and she’s most active then. She’ll ask us to play with her with the feather-on-a-stick toy, or request some pats and attention. Angel does love to cuddle up to me under the sheets at night (especially now that it’s so cold!) Mia, not so much. She occasionally will, but she seems to have relinquished this spot to her sister. They also love to play “chase” with each other when we don’t interact with them. They take turns in being prey and hunter. It’s just so funny to watch! Mia is very expressive with her ears, flattening them to her head when Angel is about to pounce on her, whereas Angel uses her eyes quite a fair bit. She’ll squint and blink and cock her head to the side before attacking.

Limp as a ragdoll.
For a while, I wondered about my two little rescues backgrounds. I know for certain that Angel has some Turkish Van or Angora in her (soft rabbit-like fur, mostly white with head/ears and tail markings, adores water), but Mia had me perplexed. I first thought, British shorthair or Birman, but a few days ago, I noticed a peculiarity of hers that may very well give me an inkling as to her genetic baggage. When she was a wee kitten, only a few weeks old, she’d go incredibly limp when we picked her up. I simply dismissed it as a very groggy and trusting kitten, but then Angel was and still is a wiggler. She doesn’t relish being nursed or pinned down... She simply puts up with our human antics. But Mia loves it! She just goes as limp as a sac of potatoes when we pick her up. Hmmm... Ragdoll, maybe!? She does have the round eyes, Roman nose, full white chin, mitted paws and limpness of a Raggie... Maybe she does have Ragdoll blood in her. :)


  1. My gosh they have grown so quickly, and into two beauties! And Mia looks HUGE in your arms in the "ragdoll" picture!

  2. And they’re only 6 months old!!! It must be all that damn expensive kitty food we’ve been giving them. I reckon these cats eat better than we do! LOL!

    Have you spotted the birdie in my previous post?

  3. My goodness. That's a horse! :D What beauties. I have so much fun watching my Jack Russel and Manx cat. One time, he dragged her by the scruff of her neck along the entire kitchen floor. She just went all limp (like she usually does if anybody picks her up... you can spin her around or anything) and let him until I intervened after recovering from the shock and laughter of it all. She sure knows how to handle that dog. They love each other really. ;)

  4. LOL! I guess your Manx kitty has accepted the dog as pack leader. My Mia is “raggy”, fer sure, but I think if I attempted something of the ilk on her, I’d be missing a few digits. She’s got “cat-titude” that one! ;)


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