Thursday, June 02, 2011

Excuse me?!?!

That’s what I said to the poor chap at the counter when he walloped me with the news that there was now a 9$ surcharge for sending parcels to the U.S. “What’s all this about?” I asked him. “Well, it’s a recent fee that’s been instated by the U.S. customs and security department... Package handling an all that. Apparently they found printer cartridge boxes that turned out to be bombs, so...” “How expensive is a bloody x-ray machine?” I guffawed. “Yeah! I know” he replied. Well... I guess I can say I played my part in helping out the struggling U.S. economy... I just don’t appreciate being bullshited with lame excuses while being surreptitiously ripped off. What a load of bunk this is!


  1. (((Soulsis))) No good deed goes unpunished. :) I think a lot of it is that the US Postal service is in big financial trouble. They are sticking it to us here in the States too. But the $9 thing is nuts! It seems like they would just charge the receiver instead of the sender!
    My postie will be seeing a lot of me soon (waiting impatiently by the mailbox)!

  2. Why is it that the little people (commoners) have to pay for the big hotshots disaster? There is only so much depth to anyone’s pockets before they start rebelling!

    I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I am. By the way... When I opened the box up, there was an extra card in it. I won’t give up the punchline, but it said “Coming soon!” ;P More enabling!!! ARGH!!!


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