Sunday, June 12, 2011

Comfort and joy

"Nothing heals the soul more deeply than to allow love to reach out to others.”

My two little RSPCA rescues are what helps me get up in the morning (literally! LOL!) I’m so glad hubby and I decided to save these little munchkins. Because they both are carriers of the feline herpes virus (cat flu), I dread to think what would’ve happened to them if we hadn’t adopted them. There are SO many cats and kittens being dumped at shelters and rescue centres that they don’t give much time to any animals that appear symptomatic. Most people bypass the Catchoos (that’s what they nickname cats which are FHV positive) because they don’t want to take on the responsibility of owning a special need cat. They must remain indoor at all time to prevent the spread of this virus to the rest of the cat population, and they are subject to flu relapses if under stress or duress. They need plenty of interaction, entertainment and a peaceful routine. I think they hit the jackpot with our household!


  1. Yes, they did hit the jackpot - two lucky felines for sure! Love the bed for two. :)

  2. I think we're the luckier of the bunch. ;)


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