Saturday, June 18, 2011


I like this morphing video of the many self-portraits of Van Gogh. When it comes to art, I’m more into realism than impressionism, surrealism, dadaism, pop art, etc... But in my eyes, Van Gogh is truly in a class of his own. His life was tragic, but what is more shameful is how his work wasn’t recognised as worthy until many years after his passing. Because he was flat broke and couldn’t afford to pay models to pose for him, he painted peasants, commoners, labourers, sceneries, etc. Instead of leaving us with another panoply of commissioned work by rich, affluent people, (like many other artists of his days), his artwork is a window into the everyday life of the late 1800’s, and it is a priceless legacy.


  1. That was some great video work! Thanks for sharing that one. :)

  2. Excellent! I've only ever seen one Van Gogh up close - and was blown away by it. What struck me most of all was that it was almost three dimensional. He mixed wax in his paint sometimes and so the colours are thick, glossy and shiny. The painting almost leaped from the canvas!

  3. What can I say... The guy was a genius! Some say “mad”, I say genius. Depends on which side of the fine line you stand. :)

  4. Hello! I've been catching up on your blogs and music after seeing that little yellow head of yours appear. Thanks for the art-history-class trip down memory lane. And your music is beautiful.

    You got to see a Van Gogh up close, Rory. Oh my. Lovely to meet you both, btw. (What a happy surprise.)

  5. Thanks Carrie! :)

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog and checking out your artwork. Your daughter is simply adorable. That cupcake story had me laughing my head off. She’s as sharp as a tack... Can’t believe she’s already sussed out how to play you and your hubby at only 3 yro!. :)


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