Friday, June 17, 2011

Bloggers blackhole

There’s something not quite kosher going on with Blogger. I’ve left some comments on fellow blogger’s blogs, and they seem to vanish after a while. I am 100% positive that they go through as I always reload and check the page to see if my comment appears, but upon returning for follow-up visit, they’ve vanished into the Twilight Zone! Were they voluntarily deleted by the blog’s author? I’m not quite sure why that would be the case, since my comments are always positive and never nasty. How bizarre! (or rude, whichever the case may be). If any other Blogger writers out there are currently experiencing such a problem, please let me know. There might be a bug in the system worth reporting to Google.


  1. I've given up trying to work out what goes on with Blogger. There are days it won't let me in, and days it won't let me out lol...

    Always seems to crash after I've tweeted that I have a new Blog post which is infuriating as folks will think I'm an idiot as there's nothing there (I am an idiot - but that's beside the point).

    The only time I've ever had to delete anyone's comment was when I accidentally made the background white and the text white and had to rewrite the entire blog post as I didn't know how to change it then, it happened once - I know how to change it now though :) So if any of them were on my blog - sincerest apologies it has happened once but I don't think it was one of yours which was lost if memory serves me correctly.

  2. No worries, mate! :) It’s kinda funny to see my comments go MIA... It’s like a cyber-reflection of my real life; “My words are unheard, I’m simply crying in the wind!” LOL!

    We have a private Blogger blog for just our family members, and some of them were saying at one stage that they couldn’t log in to it anymore (it seemed to have affect only Canada). I’ve also noticed that there’s a page that asks you if you wanna log in under another account name, and it just won’t log you out... The page just keeps refreshing itself! LOL! It’s like a cult... Once you’re in, you’re in for good! ;D


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