Saturday, June 25, 2011

Apples are bad for your health

Whoever said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” didn’t go through the experience I endured yesterday and the pain I’m in today! I felt peckish in the middle of the afternoon (or as we say here, the arvo), so I opted for a healthy treat... An apple! The Pink Lady variety is in season here and they’re crisp and sweet, unlike the ghastly snap-frozen pasty stuff we get during the rest of the year. So here I was, at the fridge, reaching down into the fruit and veggie bin when I felt something pop in my neck. No immediate pain, just a cold sensation and a clicking noise. Then, as I left the kitchen to head back to the computer room,
the pain set in; hot, stinging, gripping pain! I couldn’t turn my head around anymore without wincing in agony. My husband heard me growl and gasp; “What’s wrong?” he asked me. “The apple...” I could only mutter out. He looked at me baffled. “Oh no!” he responded, “What did the bad apple do to you?” Funny bloke! Typical Aussie tongue-in-cheek humour. I would’ve had a witty comeback if it were not for this atrocious pain, dulling my brain. All I can put it down to is that I might have sprained something in my shoulder, or maybe even pinched a nerve.

Last nights sleep was very choppy. I would wake myself up each and every time I shifted around in bed. It didn’t help that I had two very playful and hungry kittens that kept pouncing on my head and back! This morning, I look (and feel) like I forgot to take the coat hanger out of my sweater... Shoulders are stiff as a board! I’m walking around like Herman Munster and I can’t turn or tilt my head towards the left without feeling pain (time to loosen those neck bolts, I guess!) My head is cramped down unto my left shoulder and trying to straighten it hurts like buggery. I always say jokingly that I look at the world in a skewed fashion, but this is ludicrous! I’ve always been a bit of a contradictory person, but I guess this time, the joke is on me! Eat apples, they’re good for ya! Yeah, right!


  1. Awww hope it gets better soon. You know my wife is only just getting better after the exact same thing happened last week (not that she was getting an apple out the fridge or anything). But I reckon I know why - the cold snap - and her insistence that even during cold weather she uses the 'Anti-Rory Clucking device' - (it seems I 'cluck' when I'm sleeping). That device is the pedestal fan beside the bed - this I'm sure makes her neck even colder at night causing it to contract and then the problems set in. Of course I'm no expert on these things but just saying lol - it wasn't the apple - it's the bedside fan!

    Now you'll tell me you don't have one lol.


  2. Thanks, luv. Hmmm... No... I don’t have an anti-clucking pedestal fan (wish I had an anti-snoring or anti-talking-in-you-sleep one, though), but your theory about the cold does make sense. My hubby is adamant about keeping the windows open all the time, even at night when it’s bloody cold. That cold snap we had a few nights in a row is probably what caused it.

    Cool! Now I can go blame him for it and tell him Rory said so! ;) LOL!

  3. Good grief, I'm glad you weren't picking up a watermelon! (((Soulsis))) Hope you are feeling a bit better!

  4. LMAO! Me too! I think I would’ve done my whole back in if it was. :D
    Well... I’m not out of the woods yet... Not even remotely close! Check out my latest post and you’ll understand.


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