Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor hubby! :(

My poor hubby is in the wars, yet again! Last night, he felt just fine, and this morning, he woke up and felt so dizzy that he couldn’t even get out of bed without keeling over! He still decided to go to work (the goose) but ended up coming home a few hours later because he felt so nauseated and dizzy. I just can’t buhlieeeeve that he drove home!!! GOOSE!! So I immediately took an appointment with our local doc and drove him there. He came home with the diagnosis of Benign Positional Vertigo. There goes our chance to do some renovations. Somebody out there doesn’t want us to work on the house!


  1. Poor D! I've known some folks who've had vertigo, and it was awful! Did they give him anything to help with the vertigo? I know we have some over-the-counter stuff here called Bonine that is supposed to help with the dizziness and nausea. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. He needs to do some exercises to rebalance the otholiths (ear rocks) in his inner-ear. He’s a bit better today, but now I’m the one falling over on my ass with a bad cold. Like D’s aunt says “sometimes, all you can do is just laugh about it.” I just hope his condition isn’t permanent, otherwise, he won’t be able to plaster anymore!! He’s always up on ladders and scaffolds, tilting his head here and there... Not good! :( Let’s hope it goes away soon and never comes back. The doc he saw that day knew EXACTLY what was wrong with him because she also suffers from this condition. In here case, it’s permanent! :(

  3. When I was in physical therapy, I saw them doing the rebalancing exercises on an older woman. Tell D to stay positive; all the folks I've known who had this eventually had it clear up with no long-term problems.
    Hope your cold gets better too!

  4. He’s feeling much better today... Not as dizzy. As for me, I’m killing this cold before it fully hatches out of its egg. Been following the tomato soup recipe found here

    BOY does it clear your head/nose/chest! Wish I had known about it while sick in Florida!


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