Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Fire Diet

Humans.... Vegetarians, carnivores or omnivores? The age old debate that can create absolute riots on any “preachy” nutritional message board. I’ve always believed that humans are omnivores, but there are many hiccups in our genetic build that leaves me wondering. We’re definitely very strange creatures! We don’t have sharp canine teeth and claws to rip through flesh nor a short intestine to transit meat quickly which would negate the belief that we are indeed suited to eat meat, but then again, we don’t have grinding teeth, multi-chambered stomachs nor special gut bacteria to break down cellulose in plants, fruits, nuts and seeds either... So what the bloody hell are we? Well... Like I said... Omnivores, but with a twist. Nancy Sherer’s article explains this “twist” better than I ever will. This may perhaps end the age old debate between camps. Food for thought! (pun intended)

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