Friday, April 01, 2011

Some peace

The whole Beasley clan is vegging out this morning. The Queens have finally settled down... Peace and quiet in the bedroom.

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  1. A rare moment... :) Peace be with you and yours (and healing for D - hope he's feeling better!)
    Thanks for putting the "Light It Up Blue" on your blog; I think Sydney lights up a building for Autism Awareness. :)

  2. Yes... Those ARE the precious moment! LOL! :D Gotta appreciate those moments of calm and silence.

    D's feeling a bit better today. Muscles still ache like mad, though. We're about to hop in the spa... Can't wait to see what our two water-loving mongrels are gonna do!

    Did you guys light up your home with blue lights? I thought I'd "light up" my blog with a blue version of my header. :)

  3. C is wearing her "Light It Up" shirt today to school and has painted her fingernails dark blue. We'll have blue porch lights on tonight (April 1st here). I'm thinking of getting a bunch of blue balloons to put on the mailbox if I have time.

  4. I'd love to see the porch all lit up... Should look awesome! :)

    Well... The spa wasn't all that relaxing. We had to keep a constant vigil on them and stop them from hoping in with us. D stupidly put some bubble bath in there, and the fizz and pop was too irresistible for them. At least our muscles are a bit warmed up. I'm off to bed... Toodles y'all! ;)


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