Friday, April 08, 2011


I was browsing the web this morning, checking out the different cat breeds, and I got some insight into Mia and Angel’s possible genetic background. I think Angel is 70% Turkish Angora. She does have the look and temperament to fit. As for Mia… I do believe her genetic stock is more British Shorthair than anything. These are both popular breeds in Australia, so it’s not so far fetched.


  1. Loved reading the descriptions of these cats, especially the parts about checking the closet before you leave for the hide-and-seek cat and the part about not letting him become a British doorstop - lol! I wonder where Angel gets the shape of her face from? I've had several people see their pic on my frame and comment on how lovely the queens are. :)

  2. Mia will definitely be a rotund cat (she's already a round kitten!) I'm just amazed at how big she already is. At only 4 months, she's already 3kg (6.6 lbs) and nearly Xena's size. Xena weight 5kg (11 lbs) at her heaviest, as an adult. Mia's gonna be a monster!!

    As for Angel, that little angelic face belies a total terror! She is SO intense and hyperactive... Must get into everything! Fits the bill of an Angora. I think her face is a bit more oriental, though... Her nose is rather long with a gentle slope at the stop of the nose. If it's not Angora, than perhaps a bit of Siamese, Abyssinian or other oriental origin.

    I watch my two "Queens" interact with each other, and it's almost like an old Laurel and Hardy movie; Mia the chubby laidback Oliver Hardy, and Angel the nervous Stan Laurel. So different, yet so well suited for each other. I'm glad we left it up to fate... I couldn't have chosen a better pair. :)


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