Saturday, April 02, 2011

A good lesson

Yesterday, hubby and I “tried” to enjoy some relaxing time in the spa, but our two little mongrels HAD to join in. We spent the better part of our bath trying to stop them from jumping in the tub and getting soaked. Not a very relaxing experience! They’re only curious kittens, they don’t know any better. This morning, I found both of them going crazy, running around and fighting in the spa… The sound of little claws scratching away at the fiberglass surface gave it away. I even found a little turd nugget in there (Angel must’ve gotten so excited that I guess she just “let go” of a pebble). I wasn’t very happy with this whole incident (scratched tub and the prospect of having potential future “bathtub bombers” that use the tub instead of the litterbox) so I decided to indirectly teach them the lesson of staying away from the spa. I filled it up with about an inch or two of water and left it to sit there all day. First victim; Mia! The little brat decided to venture in the tub… All I heard was **THUD SPLASH** I rushed over to the bathroom to find a very startled and wet kitty, glaring at me, utterly insulted by the soaking. She hasn’t attempted another excursion since. Then… After dinner, a rather frisky Angel trotted over to the bathroom… **THUD SPLASH** I rushed over to the cries of a very spooked and soaked kitten, clutching at the shower curtain. Her little ego was so bruised that she quickly dried herself off with a hasty tongue, climbed up the kitty gym and promptly went back to sleep. No “after-dinner crazies” today… Both of them are totally knackered out! It was a non-threatening, non-dangerous way of teaching them a very good lesson… Stay out of the spa!


  1. I wish I could have seen those indignant little expressions on their faces! lol! That was a great idea to teach them what the tub is for though...
    Cloud (when he was a kitten) heard C in the tub one night. She was laying down, having a soak, and was tapping out a song on the bottom of the tub. Cloud's curiosity got the best of him, and over he went into the tub. I don't know who was more surprised, him or C!

  2. LOL! Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me when I was just 6 yro... Our cat, Mimi, decided that the bathtub needed more investigating (that's while I was having a bath). She slipped off the edge and dipped in the float! Last thing I remember was seeing a flash of grey and white fur bolt out of the bathroom, and my mum screaming that the very wet cat was running amok in the house! LOL! What a sight!

    I think Angel learnt her lesson the first time around (she doesn't seem to like water very much) whereas Mia might need a bit more "coaxing". She hopped in the tub again this morning and got a thorough drenching!


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