Monday, April 11, 2011

Going... Going... Gone!

Sorry for going AWOL on my blog. Since D and I feel better, we've been busy tackling some of the long overdue renovation projects. We've finally come to the agreement that this wasn't our "forever" home, so the renovations have taken a turn from "personalisation" to simply "finished for sale". The first thing that needs to be addressed ASAP are those busted gutters. They're rusted beyond belief and leaking everywhere. In many places, there is an actual whole that punched through, and the water has been pouring down like a waterfall unto the awnings. Consequently, the awnings are ruined from years of exposure to the rain. They are mouldy and falling to pieces. The picture was too ghastly and shameful for me to even take a "before" photo, so y'all will have to wait for the "after" pics.

D's been hard at work for a few days, removing the awnings and the gutters, stripping the paint back, fixing the barge, and he's now started to slap on a fresh coat of Solaguard (great stuff!) We decided to stick with Heritage Green to match our Colourbond fence. The new gutters are also dark green so it should all blend it nicely. It's a long, tedious and hazardous process (high up on scaffolding, working around power lines), but it will be so worth it once it's all finished. That's only the first half... The back gutters also need replacing, but that'll be for another time.

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