Monday, April 18, 2011


I decided to dedicate a video solely to Angel... After all, Mia has hers! It was hard to get pics and videoclips of her on her own; they are inseparable!


  1. What a sweet face on that girl - you named her well! I love how she seems to be winking at the end of the video. I'm guessing she's the flirt in the family. "Come mere human, let me manipulate you to do my will with my angelic looks..."

  2. The funny thing is... D and I never picked their names. Mia and Angel are the names that were given to them at the RSPCA. :) The names should've been reversed though... Angel is the possessive one (Mia means "mine" in Italian) and Mia is a little angel when it comes to behaviour. For a while, I was debating which song to use on Angel's videoclip... Steve Vaughan's "My Special Angel" or Elvis Presley's "Devil in disguise". :D LOL!


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