Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is happening to our planet?

Live updates: Nuclear emergency declared in earthquake-struck Japan |

A couple of weeks ago, it was New Zealand… Now, it’s Japan! What’s happening to our planet? I’m starting to wonder if all the crazy hype about the 2012 Mayan prophesy has some grounds of veracity to it. These sure are troubled times! Godspeed to all the Japanese people. We’re all praying for you guys. Sad smile


  1. Just found out my brother (who is stationed over in Japan at the Army base) is okay. I contacted his son through Facebook (I suppose it IS good for something), and he let me know he was safe. Ron had been over in Korea, and I had been worried about him with the unrest over there. I was relieved to hear he was in Japan - until now!
    Sometimes I think our planet is trying to wake us up...

  2. The worry you must've gone through!! :( (((((Soulsis))))) I'm so relieved he's okay.
    Yes... I too believe that Momma Earth is trying to give us a wakeup call. The big concern is... You know what happens when you don't get "the gentle tap" on the shoulder with life-lessons... You get "the brick!" What will that be like on a planetary scale? :(


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