Monday, March 07, 2011


Mia isn’t afraid of anything… As a matter of fact, she’s even fascinated by water. Get ready to laugh your butts off. This cat cracks me up!  LMAO! Notice the darker rings on her tail? I reckon she's got raccoon blood in her. 


  1. Most cats would be streaking out of the bathroom as soon as the water hit their heads! (Maybe in a former life she belonged to a priest - lol). Just wait, when she gets a bit older she'll probably figure out how to turn the faucet on by herself!

  2. Her fascination has no boundaries... The other morning, she jumped into the loo! Good thing I caught her straight away. We always leave the lid down, now... Not because we have a dog that drinks out of them, but because we have a cat who wants to take a dip in them! LOL! I betcha we could train her to use the toilet instead of a litter tray... And it wouldn't surprise me if she learnt to flush too! LMAO!


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