Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Vet visit

Little Mia had an appointment to get her booster shot today and she was NOT a happy camper! Unlike Xena, who would shutdown in fear and put up with all the manhandling, Mia showed her darker side today. She was not impressed at all by the bloke who stuck the thermometer up in her nether region, and she made sure he knew that. She swung around meowed and hissed at him. Funny now because she’s just a tiny little kitten, but a big worry for when she’s a fully matured cat. She doesn’t put up with shit from anyone! That cat got attitude! LOL! Anywho... All went well, and she’s none the worst for wear, if only a bruised pride. She is a bit more sleepy but she should be back to normal tomorrow.

Here’s a couple of pics of our ratbag to show her massive growth spurt (Dr. Dan warned us “take MANY pics because they grow up REAL fast!”) The first one was taken a few days after we got her, and the second one was taken yesterday. Look how long she’s got!! A real spider monkey! I reckon she’s more than double in size and length.


  1. It doesn't surprise me that she was a spitfire at the vet - lol! She really has grown so quickly... I could really see it in that picture of you holding her in your arms like a baby. Love those "shadow stripes" she has!

  2. Xena was so "human" in so many ways... I'm not use to the "cattitude" of Mia. She truly is a ball of fire! :) She looks like Cloud, but she has Ms. Streaks temperament... What a combo! :D
    I love the faded tabby look too, as well as those little white mittens! She is a very special looking moggie, and I think that's what also made us gravitate towards her.


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