Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oracle cards

As promised, here’s a few of the 81 cards that makes up Das Germanishe Götterorakel by the German artist, Voenix. I like his art style... It’s a bit cartoonish and reminds me of the Marvel Comics adventures of “Thor the Thunderer”. By the way... They are coming out with a Thor movie this year... I can’t wait to see it!


  1. For some reason I thought these cards were just about the Norse runes, but it appears they illustrate the myths and legends - cool! Artwork is nice.

  2. The deck you must've been thinking about was Voenix's other one (The Power of the Runes). There's actually an English version of that deck available on the market.
    This is the one I really wanted... Pity I have to do all the hard yakka in translating it myself. Worth it, though! :) I'll put up a few photos of the finished deck once I'm done.


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