Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mia has a sister!

And not too soon enough! Mia has finally fully settled in our home so we decided, it’s now or never! Yesterday, D and I went back to Dakabin and found the perfect match for Mia... Meet Angel! She truly lives up to her name... Not a mean bone in her body. Funny how the staff at the shelter always pick the perfect name to suit the animal. Mia means “mine” in Italian, and boy is she possessive! She’s making sure her little sister knows who’s the boss around here; mine food, mine bed, mine toy, mine humans, etc... Yesterday, it was so intense that D and I weren’t sure this was even gonna work out. We were seriously contemplating having to take Angel back, least Mia beat the fluff out of her. Today, different story... Mia still growls at Angel, and they both hiss and posture at each other, but it’s mostly “play aggression”. As a matter of fact, they are now tagging along and initiating games together. I just wished Mia wasn’t so rough with little Angel! Diametrically opposed when it comes to intensity levels; Mia is full-on Yang, whereas Angel is totally Yin. I just hope and pray that the sibling rivalry tempers down quickly, and they bond to each other like... Well... Like Yin and Yang! :)

What an angelic face!

She’s the biggest, sook I’ve ever met.

Mia, teaching her little sister how to torture ants!

Sibling rivalry at its fullest. Game on!


  1. Angel is beautiful - love her coloring! You know, you could sit them on either side of you and they would look just like the pillars on the High Priestess card!

  2. LOL! I didn't about the Empress card, but your right... They do look similar, and yet are quite different. If they ever get to snuggle and sleep curled-up together, they'll look like the Yin-Yang sign. :) LOL! Angel is mostly white, but her pretty marking are tortoiseshell. We'll definitely need to keep her out of the sun because its common in Oz for pink skin cats to develop skin cancer.

  3. http://www.learntarot.com/bigjpgs/maj02.jpg
    Mia on the left, Angel on the right, and you in the middle - lol!
    I can't wait to read about all their antics on your blog!


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