Friday, March 25, 2011

Just in time

This morning, the postie dropped off an unexpected package. Hubby did some rummaging online and managed to find a cheap buy of the new Dragon Age 2 game I wanted. He got it from Malaysia (of all places!) The difference… Nearly 30$ savings in my pocket. He knew I wanted the new release, but I had no clue he was gonna surprise me with it AND save me money in the process. Thank you, Sweetpea! You’re helping this 40 year old child keep her sanity during this stressful time. SmileRed heart


  1. What a sweetie you have for a husband - have fun!

  2. I was totally blindsided with it! Was not expecting it AT ALL! I think the silence on my blog betrays the utter addict he's created out of me! LOL! ;) Damn enabler!


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