Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting down and shaken up

Today will mark the 9th month passing of Xena. I’m feeling a bit blue and down today, so I guess perhaps I’m subconsciously reminiscing. I also think that yesterday’s incident with Mia left me longing about our Xena. Mia is a totally different kettle of fish; she’s a very outgoing, bouncy, happy-go-lucky cat that always makes me laugh with her crazy antics, but she can also be incredibly stubborn, testing and her hyperactivity drives her to mad bouts of “the crazies” that takes no prisoners. Perhaps it’s because I don’t recall how Xena was when she was a kitten. Maybe she was also a “wild child” like Mia when she was young, and she finally outgrew it. I sure hope Mia does too!! Yesterday, she was acting wild as wild can be; running around like crazy, making weird guttural growling noises. I was in the process of filling her food bowl in the kitchen and hadn’t noticed she had trotted in behind me... What followed left me perplexed and quite rattled. She decided to grab a hold of my leg from behind in a bearhug, and sink her sharp little needle-like teeth in my calf! I was so startled and shocked by what happened that all I did was yelp out loud (which, of course, startled her in letting go and bolting out of the kitchen.) Then came the tears (more so out of emotional shock than pain.) Why would my little kitty pounce on me like that and nip at me so viciously? I know that I sometimes forget that cats are predators and can be quite heartless with their prey (compassion isn’t their forte), but attacking “mum” that’s about to feed you!?!? What gives!?!? Dave reckons I didn’t help by “rilling her up” with nom-nom noises. Okay... granted she’s an excitable kitten and we need to temper down her crazed moods instead of encouraging them, but what about all those times she hides around corners and pounces on my feet? I never instigate those! She’s never bit down on me before yesterday, but now... I’m weary about those “play-pouncing” antics of hers. I’m now even shying away from her coming over for a headbutt and rub against my leg. I could tell immediately after the incident that she knew she did wrong (she came to see me in my office and even sniffed the blood on my leg.) I know she’s just a little hyperactive kitten, but how do I get passed the shock? I feel like my trust has been rattled and I don’t know how to move beyond it. Input anyone?


  1. (((Soulsis))) She IS just like Cloud. He (and occasionally Ms. Streak) have what we call "cat fits." They run around like they are possessed or on PCP. Total loonies... Now when they are in this wild state, they have been known to do the exact same thing Mia did! In fact, Cloud did it to C the other morning as she was going down the hall to get dressed for school. It is like they are having this wild party and they want you to come along for the ride. They don't mean to hurt you; they just momentarily forget that you are human and not a feline. :)

  2. You need to tell Cloud to stop sending these telepathic messages! LOL! :D I think that last incident truly shocked her and she's learning to inhibit her nippiness, even in wild play. You're right, soulsis... She doesn't wanna hurt any of us, she just goes crazy and "looses her marbles" (kinda like children who run around screaming and flailing their arms in the air.) Hell! She's even hurt herself in these wild frenzies... Bashed her little noodle more than once in a coffee table or door frame. D and I are starting to totally ignore her when she goes ballistic, and when she finally calms down, we go see her (reward when she's calm, ignore when she's hyper.) :)


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