Wednesday, March 09, 2011

German coming out of my ears!

Last Monday, I finally received the long awaited “Das Germanishe Götterorakel” I had ordered from the Book Depository. First impression; WOW! Exactly what I expected and wanted. Second impression; DAMN! One of the cards is bend. The last card at the bottom of the pack mustn’t have been sitting in the box properly, and so when the rest of the card were pushed on top, one of its edges got bent. I’ve managed to re-straighten it so it’s not much of an issue when you shuffle, but it does stand out when you select cards. What to do? Do I sent it back and ask for another deck? According to their site, I have ten days to inform them via email about the booboo. Then what? More waiting and hoping the next deck doesn't contain any bent or missing cards, or has doubles. It’s just not worth the time and hassle. Since the whole deck is in German, I had already decided to scan the cards, Photoshop the German words out and replace them with English ones, and reprint a copy for myself. The original deck will be safely stored away and card number 17 won’t even be an issue anymore. It’s a lot of work, but then I always knew it would be. The LWB is also in German, and for the past two days, I’ve been translating it using my rusty college knowledge, as well as online translating sites such as Babelfish. I’ve been eating, drinking and sleeping in German... Ich habe Deutsch Gießen aus meinen Ohren! (I got German coming out of my ears!) I’d love to get the larger, more in depth book that accompanies the deck, Weltenesche-Eschenwelten; Das Germanishe Götterorakel und Nachschlagewerk (World Ash - Ash Worlds: The Germanic Gods oracle reference book), but honestly... Translating a 47 pages LWB is enough, never mind a 456 pages book!!! After that, I don’t think my husband would be able to understand what I’m saying. LOL!


  1. I hate that one of the cards was bent. :( Couldn't you scan the cards then send them back, or is it too late? Please share pictures when you can! I've never heard of this deck (thought I knew the one you were talking about, but now I think it was a different one).

  2. I think it's too late to send them back (Today was the deadline). It's no worries, luv... I had always planed on reprinting it in English so it's no big loss. I'll upload a few cards once I've scanned them.


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