Sunday, March 20, 2011

Double trouble

My dad is back from the hospital and doing well. The docs said he suffered from angina. Three small veins around his heart appeared blocked and so his heart wasn’t getting enough oxygen, leaving him winded and with chest pains. They placed three small “stands” (not sure what the technical term is) that open up the veins and allow the blood to flow more freely. I am VERY relieved and happy that it all turned out okay.

Yes… I know… I’ve changed the theme to my blog once more. I just saw it as befitting to our new lifestyle. We are like the four aces… Hubby’s the logical thinking, cool-headed and problem-solving ace of spade. Angel is a real queen of diamonds; materialistic, possessive of her toys, loves her food and is very friendly and happy-go-lucky. Mia is a spitfire, the perfect fiery ace of club; energetic, strong-willed, independent and a very dedicated watch-cat. As for me, well… I’ve always been the moody emotional one, so ace of heart for me! Angel’s a real copycat (pun intended). She copies everything her big sister does… Even mouse-pointer chasing! LOL!


  1. I'm SO glad to hear your dad is doing well! I think here they call them "stints."
    I loved the video of Angel, especially when she went around the back of the monitor to find the cursor. :)

  2. It's good to hear that your dad's health is improving, Yay!

    Great video. Very cute :)



  3. @ Bev
    I am SO relieved he's okay! My poor pop has been through so much lately with moving to a new place, financial issues and Mina's passing... I'm glad it all went well for him. He needs some rest and TLC. ((((DAD))))

    Angel may "act" or look like a pinhead, but she's far from being one! This cat is switched on enough to "know" when to meow in fear when Mia is tackling her, but only when we're watching... Smart little brat!

    @ Ariel
    Yes... I'm so glad mum took him along to the doc when she did. This could've been far worst!

    The vid D made got me laughing so hard I nearly spewed my coffee! LOL! :D By the way... Keep an eye out on your postie this week... Something "pressie" your way cometh! ;) You can only unwrap the brown paper... No peaking until the 26th!!

  4. This is so cute and funny it should be on
    You Tube. You have two little smart kittens
    they make us laugh every time.
    I want to thank everyone for your good thaughts and prayers for my hubby

    Love you honey, Mum

  5. Luv you mostus. Miss you and dad like crazy.


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