Monday, February 28, 2011

Spiralling on the journey

I think I may know what my new life-lesson is for this current period of my life. From Black Panther, I have moved on to Lynx... The following quote was taken from THIS website. In other words, "whatever it is you may intuitively know of someone, shut the *bleep* up and keep it to yourself unless this individual wants to know and specifically asks".
There are other Totems (such as Black Panther) who possess the ability to see into the hearts and minds of their fellow two-legged, yet where part of the Black Panther Soul`s Medicine is to point these areas out, it is not the Medicine of Lynx to do so.  Lynx Souls merely uncover the hidden and store the knowledge away, perhaps transmitting this knowing to the one whose hidden feelings and thoughts he/she has successfully uncovered telepathically, yet they remain silent on these things until such a time that they are approached for "assistance."

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