Monday, February 28, 2011

Mia... You're a goose!

Making sure the wall isn’t gonna fall down. Actually... She just fell asleep in this position.

It’s hot today! Trying to keep cool. Best spot for this is the little tiled spa shelf.


  1. Bet I know what she was playing with before she fell asleep - lol! Smart kitty to head for the tiles to cool off (the cat spa :) ). GREAT picture of you two - she does look very relaxed!

  2. Yup! The dangling white power cord we purposely "fished" up on the curtain track... No stopping this cat's resolve! Yesterday, she stayed on the spa shelf, staring at the water while D took a shower. She's a very brave (or foolhardy) little cat. :) She gets so limp that her little noodle ends up dangling down... Have to make sure I hold it up, kinda like a baby's.

  3. This little cat makes me laugh every time
    I see her doing the funny things that she does. And the way you're holding her, that is funny also, it's the first time I see this,
    usually cats are not that relaxed.
    She is a handful that little Mia. I'm glad
    everything is o.k. now. Mum

  4. She truly is a riot, mum! :) I'm always amazed at how brazen and phlegmatic she is about anything. And boy! Is she a problem-solver or what! It's not gonna be funny when she hits adolescence! LOL!


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