Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It’s been a while!

So much has happened since my last post, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s see...

  • Mia got rid of bladder crystals
  • My husband and I had a REALLY bad bout of the flu
  • We went for a 6 weeks long holiday in Canada (caught up with my family)
  • My weight went up slightly (big setback... Damn feasting holiday trip!)
  • My eyes are now -4.75 diopter (big improvement... Blessed holiday trip away from computers!)
  • We have new neighbours next door (!?!?!?)
  • I’m battling the worst case of “hemmies” I’ve ever had (nearly a week, now.)
  • All my family and friends have spoiled me rotten for my upcoming birthday. 😊
  • Life is slowly easing back to normalcy.
I’ve yet to attack an art project, though. I still haven’t finished my snake rattle, but until the hemmies clear up, I’m not even considering it. Sitting down for any length of time is painful, so I’m avoiding such a thing. My husband asked me “what would you like for your birthday, this year?” I responded “a sitz bath!” LOL! 😄

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It just keeps getting better

When it rains, it positively pours. Our poor Mia is still peeing blood, and now, Angel has reinjured her right hind leg. Some idiot with his loud "farting" truck ran down our street and scared her so much, she tried to dash off and hide but was on the slippery linoleum floor. Her rear end slid sideways under her and she knocked her previously injured knee on the floor. She now has a slight limp and is licking compulsively her knee to the point where she's created a bald spot. Why does the most stressful, challenging shit hit the fan when there's an impending deadline in play!? Doggonit!!!

Friday, July 07, 2017

Babies are not happy

And neither is their human mum. The verdict came back for Boof; struvite crystals in her urine. From now on, both girls will have to be on a special urinary track diet. Ratty is NOT happy at all! We know Boof will eventually accept the new food (if it crunches, she'll much it.) Angel is a picky eater, and she categorically refuses to eat the stuff. There's no way we can segregate and feed them different diets. Boof will find a way to get to Angel's dish. The vet said there is no harm in both cat eating the prescription food, but if Boof gets off of her special diet, she's at risk of another attack. I'm with Ratty on this one... I'm NOT happy with that food. It is full of crappy grain, GMO corn and artificial fillers that are just a ticking time bomb for another health issue down the track (diabetes, bad teeth, etc...) Cats are obligated carnivores! Why manufacture a vet recommended health prescription food and fill it with crap? I give up! I've thrown my hands up in the air and resigned myself to feed them this rubbish. It's suppose to help Boof, so I'll do it. Also... This is cutting it too close to our trip to Canada, and I just can't think of any easier solution for them, for the pet-sitter, and for us.