Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Herd mentality

What can I say... My husband was right. After all, horses are gregarious creatures, and my poor Hanoverian stallion was getting lonely (yes... I found out what breed the brown horse was.) I had to get him a friend, so I opted for my favourite breed of horse; a Friesian. I fell in love with that breed many moons ago, after watching the movie Ladyhawke. Captain Navarre's trusty steed, Goliath, stole my heart forever.

P.S. If you've never watched that movie, you owe it to yourself. It's an 80's family fantasy classic... Before things turned raunchy and filled with gratuitous violence.

No other horse moves in such a natural, elegant way.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Cheshire cheetah

When I received my CollectA King cheetah, I couldn't help but laugh. He reminded me of Smeagol with his oversize grin. "Cheetah's don't have huge cheeks like that!" I thought. So... Before I slapped some paint on the fella, I grabbed my trusty X-acto knife and did some plastic surgery on his Cheshire Cat grin ("Down, cheeks... DOWN!"

See what I mean? Seriously kitty... You might be panting, but you're no Staffordshire Bull-Terrier.

So after refining his muzzle with a few snips here and there, I slapped on a new coat of paint and voilà! This is what the kitty looks like.

Oh, puss! You're not grinning anymore. Have you become a sourpuss!?

And here he is, out on a hunt.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hubby is worried

So I said to my husband "I'll stick to collecting cats (wild and domestic)... Promise!" But today, while we were at Kmart rummaging in the toy section, I found a trio of small house cats for 5$. "Suhweet bargain!" I thought. But then my dear other-half sees this cute little brown horse and just hands it to me. Err... BIIIIIIG mistake! He was only 5$ as well, so of course... He HAD to come home with us. lol!

What started off as a tiny collection a few weeks ago has now metamorphosed into 21 felines and now, one horse. He looked at me and said "why do I get the sinking feeling this horse isn't going to play solitaire for long?" He knows me too well. He's a cute cobby little horse. The box didn't say what breed it is. To me, he looks like a Canadian Horse.